Avoiding Scams

The internet is a vast place to explore and discover and it can be fun, exciting and in some cases bad and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. The internet is as dangerous as it is fun and is you’re not careful one wrong click of a mouse can cause you a life time of troubles, one of the most infuriating troubles are scammers and hackers.

Scammers to put it simply are internet con artists, they’ll put advertisements like ‘earn hundreds of thousands a month at home’ or ‘this all natural method will increase your life span’ and other ludicrous claims. Of course hundreds of thousands of people that cruise the internet know that these are scams and will not be fooled but hundreds of thousands of others unfortunately believe these scams and click on them.


This is one such scam that many people click on, clicking on these scams have resulted an estimated loss of 1.3 billion dollars and money isn’t the only thing people lose, they lose their dignity as they feel stupid and humiliated and this can cause financial stress that can deteriorate the relationships these people have.

One easy and simple way to make sure you don’t fall for this is to never click on ads that are similar in look and theme like the ones below.

Another way is to use an ad blocker

Ad blockers are programs that you download that blocks all advertisements on a website your visiting, that means you cannot see or interact with these types of ads.


An ad blocker for your browser can be downloaded by checking what browser you use and searching for the term. “Ad block plus” and the browser you are using.

Images found at these websites:

Article written by Winson

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