October 21st

This is the first of many update blogs that will be posted to keep the public informed and involved in the LV Digital Shed and The VRI projects.

In these posts we will be covering what has been achieved in the prior week within the The VRI and it’s participants.

In the past week there has been a small change in structure which has allowed more opportunities for working together and an increase in work ethic.

Some of the spaces in the hall had paintwork that needed a lift so those spaces have had their paint taken back and recieved a nice new coat of paint and are looking better than ever.

One of the side rooms is being converted to a small office for use by 1-2 people and it is planned that it will have a plant, table, chair and a couple of bean bags to make the area as comfortable as possible.

And finally, we got around to organizing and itemizing some of the spaces in the halls so that items that people wanted to use could be more easily found and utilized.


Make sure you come on over between 10am and 3pm on Fridays if you ever need assistance with your devices, whether your problem is using some software or navigating your device; our group, along with the students of Lavalla Catholic College, will happily assist you with your inquiries.

I hope you enjoyed the update and we hope to see you around some time.
-Michael, LV Digital Shed Team Leader

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