October 28th

This week at the VRI Hall we’ve been busy little workers and have cemented all the changes discussed last week into our routine. Along side these changes some of the crew have been working hard in the kitchen to provide us with healthy meals using our own home-grown produce and those traded to us via the #GetSwapped initiative.

One of our artists, Teagan, took some of her time to create a couple of “The VRI” logo templates to brand some of the items in the hall and the products we create.

We’ve continued the repainting of some of the surfaces around the hall and this week we tackled the stage walls and it is making the space look so much cleaner, and the projector has a very clear backdrop for a great viewing experience.

Finally, the scrollsaw exhibition that will be held in a few weeks time has been getting a lot of public attention which is great to see.

Don’t be a stranger, come around on any Friday between 10am and 3pm and let us solve your Technology problems. There isn’t a problem too small.
Michael Rossiter – LV Digital Shed Team Leader

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